Michèle Amstutz was born and grew up in the Zurich Oberland. At the age of 18 she moved to Zurich where she came into contact with the Swiss hip hop scene. Djing in particular fascinated her right from the start and it wasn't long before she had a record player and mixer in her room... In 2000 she was signed to the Zurich party label "Weird Productions" as Dj MadMadam and played (influenced and inspired by the hip hop scene of the early 90's) in clubs, after parties, open air venues and events. She then switched to the Swiss label "Nation Music" and joined forces with the Zurich rapper Big Zis. As a successful duo, they won the pop credit of the city of Zurich in 2002. She produced 2 tracks for Big Zis' second album and toured with her through Switzerland and Germany. In 2005 she was the touring DJ for Alif, a Senegalese all-female rap band, and in 2007 for Swiss rapper Gimma. Between 2006 and 2012 she gave regular DJ courses for the Zurich music school "Women in Music". For more than 20 years she has been gaining experience as a full-time Djane and has continued to develop in music and technology. As an experienced open-format DJ, she plays at a wide variety of events, in clubs, bars, at raves, on ships, at private events and also at weddings. Long before mixing, producing and scratching, dancing was her great passion. Started as a child with gymnastics and ballet, came to street dance as a teenager, she found her own dance style - a mixture of street dance, contemporary, voguing and performing. In 1999 she co-founded the dance school "Hiphop Jam School" in Zurich, where she worked as a dance teacher and in the back office for over ten years. Together with their then business partner Delia Krattinger, they danced with the show troupe Stepmaker at many events in Germany and abroad (e.g. for Swiss International Air Lines in Tokyo) and choreographed fashion shows for labels such as Karen Millen, Zimstern or Xess and Baba.

Tour DJ:
2001 Big Zis (Schweiz / Deutschland)
2005 Alif Frauenrap - Trio aus Senegal (Deutschland / Österreich / Slowakei / Slowenien / Tschechien)
2007 Gimma (Schweiz)

2007 Mix-CD Wake up für den DVD Film "Im Rhythmus der Nacht" (Doku über Zürcher Djs Platinum, Hands Solo, N.D. und MadMadam)
2005 Intro & Beat 3MF für Big Zis Album Zis dörf alles
2004 Mixtape Too Late feat. Jesaya & Mike Steez
2003 EP Vinyl Eichle&Möse feat. Paar@ohre / Greis / Big Zis / Kutti MC / Steffi
2003 Mixtape Schissdräck rollt feat. Pfund 500
2002 Intro für Mixtape Sheheilig
2001 Mixtape Free of Knots

2017 und 2018 Read my Lips (Trash-Show im Dynamo mit Célia Jenni)
2014 Für das Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich gewann sie mit Célia Jenni ein 3 monatiges Kuratorium mit anschliessend 8 Aufführungen.
www.totalterroraward.net  / www.disscountkultur.ch 
2012 Für "Die Liebenden" Femme Fatal Darstellerin (Freiluft Spektakel) Bertschinger Innensausbau AG Bubikon
2011 Für die Geberit Roadshow Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich (Stagemangement / Choreografie)
2003 Squash & Soda belgische Ensembleproduktion (Darstellerin als Dj MadMadam)
"I'm excited myself about where my artistic journey will go and I'm always open to accepting creative challenges and experimenting with music, dance and performing."