"Even as a child I was fascinated by putting together empty music cassettes with my favorite music. And when I got older and was finally allowed to use the record player myself at home, it was all over for me..."

With the first wages of my apprenticeship I bought my first turntable, with the second wages the second, with the third the mixer and with the others the vinyl." Michèle Amstutz aka Dj MadMadam has been behind the turntables professionally and passionately since 2000. Whether ecstatic dance events, club, rave, festival, corporate event, birthday party, hotel bar or wedding - it always hits the right note. Musically, she originally comes from the HipHop and R`n B` corner - meanwhile she is open to music genres and enjoys a large collection of vinyl and digital sounds. She learned her scratching and mixing skills through hip hop culture in the late 90's. Funk, HipHop and Soul is the music she grew up with and shaped her. After more than 20 years as a full-time DJ on the road, she knows how to sensitively adapt the choice of music to the event and ambience, to pick up the audience and take them on a musical journey. As a dancer and dance teacher, she knows which hits, beats and rhythms get your feet pumping and encourage you to dance. In her musical development, she has now also reached electronic music for a few years. With great joy she knocks the 123bpm tracks over the ears of the guests who love to dance and loves to play marathon sets at raves and ecstatic dance events. 
"The constant development of music but also of technology over the last 2 decades is simply fantastic and keeps pushing me!"

Are you looking for a DJ for your event? 
I am happy to be your Djane. And I'm happy to take my professional music system with me or help you to rent the right one, depending on the size of the event. 

Music Genres: 
Hip Hop, Rap Classics, Old School, New School 
R`n B`, Soul, Funk, 
Lounge, Chillout and Ambient Sound 
Charts, Party Tunes
Rock, Disco Hits from the 60s to Today 
Tech, Deep and Funky House, Afro
Electronic Music 
Indie Dance and Electro Swing